Sensa Granite represents a new concept in the granite sector as it offers a definitive protection treatment to reduce stainability of the material. Sensa’s Senguard NK protection alters the surface tension of the granite, making it smaller than that of the liquid, therefore repelling rather than absorbing liquid particles. The treatment penetrates the surface resulting in an invisible protection that allows Sensa surfaces to breathe. This formula is also resistant to UV rays and so prevents any colour change due to solar radiation. Sensa surfaces have a 15-year warranty for peace of mind.

Bringing the beauty, wonder and uniqueness of nature indoors and celebrating natural elements, Stone Surfaces embraces the individual veining and marking of each stone slab as though a one-off piece of art – as unique as you, as unique as your home. Reflecting stormy seas and brooding skylines, the level of veining in each slab of stone, from delicate to dramatic has been hand selected for its unforgettable visual appeal. Characteristics combine to conjure the ambience desired to complete each scheme, from the bespoke residential to grand scale commercial venues..

Captivating Natural Beauty